studio files 01: prioritize


since going full-time with my studio, hatch & harbour, i wanted to create a series on the blog to document everything from things i learn along the way to business tips . knowing full well i have much to learn, i want to share about it all mostly to help anyone that can relate, but also for accountability.

the first thing i wanted to talk about is time management, which is something we all practice in life, but something i’ve become more focused on since starting out as a designer in school. we all have to find our own way of tackling time and we never stop learning about. since going full-time, i’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me immensely.

there is a constant saying i think we’re all guilty of uttering a great deal during out lifetimes “there’s never enough time.” i recently read a quote that really stuck with me when it comes to this:

“…our first waking thought of the day is “i didn’t get enough sleep.” the next one is “i don’t have enough time.” whether true or not, that thought of not enough occurs to us automatically before we even think to question or examine it. we spend most of the hours and the days of our lives hearing, explaining, complaining, or worrying about what we don’t have enough of… we each have the choice in any setting to step back and let go of the mind-set of scarcity. once we let go of scarcity, we discover the surprising truth of sufficiency… it is an experience, a context we generate, a declaration, a knowing that there is enough and that we are enough.
sufficiency resides inside each of us, and we can call it forward. It is a consciousness, an attention, an intentional choosing of the way we think about our circumstances.” – Lynne Twist


i think constantly repeating “i don’t have enough time” is a debilitating thought. instead, i try to stick to the present and focus more on the tasks at hand and what i can accomplish during the work day. here’s a few things i’ve learned about time management.

make lists + prioritize 
i’ve come to be an avid list-maker. it seriously helps me prioritize my tasks. i use the bullet journal method, but i colour code it for what the tasks are for (ex. studio client, blog post, finances, etc). I also put a red star next to the things that are most important – like ones i need to get one that day or that week. if you find it too overwhelming making a massive to-do list for your whole week, make one per day. write down all the tasks you would like to get done that day and go from most important to least and start tackling.

be realistic
sometimes we can get a little over-ambitious in our to-do lists. pay attention to how long tasks usually take you when you make your day list and how much time you have to work that day. if you know a task will take you 8 hours, don’t bank on getting it all done in one day if you have multiple things to do. pick out parts of the task you want to complete first and tackle them to start. and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t complete it all – it happens – other things come up like time sensitive jobs or calls from clients.

set time limits 
this is something that has been HUGE in helping me manage tasks and timelines since starting full-time. i use a self-made version of the pomodoro technique. i don’t use a timer, but i like to set goals and time limits. so say i have a bunch of revisions to do on a client brochure but it’s almost lunch time. well, i make a goal that i’ll get those revisions done and then i can go make lunch. then i don’t move from my desk until the task is completed. it works really great to maintain your focus.

eliminate distractions  
if you’re like me, at times social media, phone or catching up on the latest blogs can be a big source procrastination. i suggest using the time limit technique to get your tasks done. allow yourself the time to complete whatever it is you need to get done, separate from these distractions (ie. turn your phone on vibrate) and then you can browse through your feeds and check your texts.

make time for rest + play  
this is key. respect your bodies’ need for renewal. becoming overworked and overtired can be detrimental to our jobs. if you are living your dreams and love what you do don’t loose that by becoming exhausted. create meaningful work that doesn’t drain you and try to stay aware of when you’re becoming overworked. i am completely guilty of taking on too much, and sometimes i need to take a step back, reflect and take on a little less so i have time for rest and play. those two things are so important to our creativity, drive and inspiration. it’s difficult to function riding on coffee alone!

i am constantly learning about prioritizing, time management and rest, but the more i practice these things, slowly but surely, the easier it seems to get. what are some of your favourite time management tips and tricks? 

a healthy invitation


i mentioned here that i’m doing the 60 day insanity max 30 fitness and nutrition challenge and this week is my last week of the 60 days! i’m getting excited to share my results! month 2 has definitely been more challenging fitness wise than the first, but it’s been amazing. with progress and determination i’ve seen my body and mind change these past 2 months. one of the best parts for me is seeing my body gain strength – slowly being able to do things i couldn’t when i started this journey. it’s a remarkable thing!

i’ve been doing a lot of personal development lately and learning a lot about owning your story and how if we share our story, the right people that need to hear it will find us. i know (from past experience) sometimes nutrition and fitness can be difficult and can leave you feeling hopeless and helpless. that’s why i wanted to share my journey from the very start and be totally open and honest with you guys. i have no plans of stopping this journey any time soon and i wanted to extend the invitation to you guys to join in and do it with me!


everyone has different reasons for wanting to dial in their fitness or nutrition, some of you might want to shed a few pounds to get ready for the upcoming summer months, some of you might just want to feel better in your skin! whatever your why, you are all welcome! i’m putting together 2 challenge groups – one strictly for nutrition and one for fitness and nutrition. what this means is everyone in the challenge group (including myself) will be doing the same things offering total support the entire time.

get the deets:

FREE 5 day clean eating challenge: 
+ introduction to healthy food choices
+ shopping guides
+ some of my favourite recipes
+ support from myself and other challengers
+ a 7 day commitment (2 instructional days)
+ gluten free, vegetarian, paleo friendly!

21 day fitness & nutrition challenge: 
+ workout and eating plan
+ portion control guide
+ different skill levels workout plans available
+ all participants following the same program
+ support from myself and other challengers
+ gluten free, vegetarian, paleo friendly!







one of the things that has helped me a ton is being in groups like this to gain support, motivation and inspiration. i am super excited to dive in to these challenges and i hope that some of you will be just as stoked! if any of you are interested in joining either of these groups you can leave your email in the comments below or shoot me an email at []. if you have any questions about any of the things i’ve been talking about feel free to give me a shout too! cheers to a new week – let’s tackle it head on!

make it: flourless banana pancakes


since switching to a paleo lifestyle, i’ve had so much fun finding and inventing different recipes to make. one thing i have not really missed is carbs (due to the heavy and painful feeling they leave in my stomach) but finding alternatives to carb foods has been really fun. i stumbled on a recipe for flourless pancakes and decided to give it a go! from the original recipe i found, i made some changes to my taste liking and also came up with a paleo friendly syrup to go along with it. these are hands down the simplest creations and they are unbelievably delicious! i had to share my version and the syrup solution with you guys. i hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


the ingredients and how quick they are to make will blow your mind if you haven’t heard of these before:

ingredients (makes 4 small pancakes):
+ 2 eggs 
+ 1 medium sized banana
+ 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon
+ 1/2 a tsp. of pure vanilla extract
+ coconut oil cooking spray (optional – i use this one)


simple fruit syrup:
+ strawberries
+ pure vanilla extract (to taste)


to make the pancakes simply mix the eggs, bananas together (i recommend blending these two so that the banana is smooth – not chunky). take the blended mixture and pour it into a mixing bowl, add the cinnamon and vanilla and stir it all together.

in a regular sized frying pan on medium heat, spray some coconut oil cooking spray, and pour a ladle-sized scoop and cook until lightly browned on both sides.


for the syrup cut up some strawberries and blend with vanilla. i don’t usually measure the amount of vanilla, instead i add a small amount and taste test, then add more to desired taste. top with a few cut up strawberries or other fruit and enjoy! these are also amazing sans-syrup, combined with berries.


i have always been a big fan of weekend breakfasts, taking the time to make something you wouldn’t normally make during the week. this has become a staple saturday morning breakfast for troy and i (with a side of bacon). what are some of your favourite weekend breakfasts??


music mondays: slow wake up


welcome to a new monday, a new week to conquer! i hope you all had a wonderful easter long weekend full of family, friends and maybe even a little relaxation! now that i’m settled into my new office and caught up on work, i’m able to focus more time on the blog (which i’ve missed dearly)! this week i’ve got lots of new posts for y’all that i can’t wait to share!

i wanted to kick the week off with a new music monday playlist and one that i have been listening to in the mornings. i’ve mentioned before that i like my mornings calm with a side of reflection. it’s no secret that i do not like being rushed, so i like to be intentional with my mornings, making sure that doesn’t happen. some days i when i’m making breakfast, i really like to listen to a calming playlist and reside in the stillness of the new day. it really helps me stay focused on the goals and tasks that need to be completed that day. i feel like taking that bit of time for me allows me to be at my best when i’m working. so i wanted to share this playlist with you all in the hopes that it might make your mornings a little calmer. whatever your normal routine is, i hope these tunes will help! what are your favourite ways to have calm mornings??

these waters | BEN HOWARD
02+  st. clarity | THE PAPER KITES
03+  re:stacks  | BON IVER
04+  the breach | DUSTIN TEBBUTT
05+  sons and daughters | ALLMAN BROWN  
06+  shutters HAYDEN CALNIN
07+  be the song FOY VANCE
08+  for my help | HAYDEN CALNIN
09+  memo | YEARS & YEARS
10+  walk away | LANY 

listen on rdio or 8tracks.


moodboard: blue universe


i’m back after taking a little unexpected break from the blog last week. the week was a bit of chaos with client deadlines and our big move, but it was wonderfully productive at the same time. i am thrilled to say we are officially moved in and in the process of getting settled, but couldn’t be happier! i love the fresh starts that come with a new space and i’m loving the energy in this place.

today, i wanted to share a new moodboard with you guys for a client i love dearly! this lady has passion for what she does that is something rare and i’m so stoked to be creating a new brand for her. what i’m even more excited about is the concept for her brand. it’s all about the infinite universe and seeing the bigger picture. we’re talking lots of simplicity, timelessness with a touch of blue! cannot wait to share the final result with y’all!

shopping consciously


as i’ve mentioned, i am all for supporting small businesses and brands with honest values and beliefs. to me, when it comes to honesty, there’s nothing more authentic than respect for the world we live in. sometimes it’s difficult to shop all of your products at once knowing each brand is supporting a socially conscious lifestyle. that’s why i was so excited when orange harp contacted me to collaborate to help get the word out there about their amazing app. if you’ve never heard of orange harp, it’s a really great app that allows you to shop several different lifestyle brands in one spot. orange harp simplifies the shopping process by offering only socially conscious brands and products. you can shop almost all your needs from anywhere! the best thing about it is that orange harp donates 1% of the revenue to a non-profit to end slavery called not for sale. in addition to that, many of the brand partners on the app donate portions of their own profits to other organizations. these brands are staying true to their intentions through and through!


i’ve talked about my love for tradlands on here before, and i was so thrilled to see their logo pop  up on the makers section of the app. trandlands has quickly become one of my favourite brands because of their authenticity, their high quality, and most of all how they remain true to their core values. i feel proud wearing their clothes. their intentions totally fit in with orange harp and i think it’s a match made in heaven!


another thing that i’ve been moving towards more and more the past few years since working at a hair salon and learning a little bit of the different things that can be put into personal care products, has been shopping organic products. while taking a peek at the different organic personal care products on the app, i tried out the trial versions of the gentle cleanser and lavender grains by hana organic skincare. oh my goodness, what a difference compared to some of the harsh products i’ve tried in the past. i tend to have more dry skin (especially in the winter) that can sometimes be sensitive and i found neither of these dried it out at all. the gentle cleanser is seriously a dream. it felt gentle on my skin and my face actually feel clean when i rinsed it off, instead of grimy like other skincare products. but i loved the lavender grains the most. you can use it as a face wash or as a mask. i opted for the face mask the first time i tried it and it was heavenly. not only does it smell amazing, but i was so impressed to find it didn’t dry my skin out at all! which has typically been a problem for me when it comes to face masks. my skin felt so soft after washing it off and had a nice natural glow about it to boot!


what are some of your guyses favourite socially conscious brands?  have y’all tried orange harp yet??

get the orange harp app here
shop these products:
lavender grains  &  gentle cleanser  |  brunswick button up

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