music mondays: 06


i can’t believe it’s already october – it seems like just yesterday i was writing my new years post! while there’s been lots of changes in my life over the past few months, one thing that has always remained constant is my need for music. i’ve always loved using music to help me focus when i’m designing and i especially love finding new artists and genres to add to my work playlists. lately i’ve been really into chill, indie, electronic music and i’ve found some pretty rad songs that i wanted to share with you guys today! i’m not gonna lie i think this is one of my favourites i’ve posted on here so far and i hope you guys are just as stoked on it as i am! what are your favourite kinds of music to listen to while you work?? i’d love some suggestions! 

catch & release (deepend remix) | MATT SIMONS
02+  hold me | CLN
03+  human (marian hill remix)  | AQUILO
04+  rewinding | ELDERBROOK
06+  call me in the afternoon HALF MOON RUN
07+  let me down easy MAX FROST
08+  paper planes TOM MISCH
09+  nothing left | KYGO
10+  king and cross | ASGEIR

listen on rdio or 8tracks.


Turning 26


oh my goodness it feels good to be back in this space, especially for my annual birthday reflection post! i feel like i have to explain my absence and some life updates since i’ve been away for quite some time. with a busy schedule with my studio hatch & harbour, traveling, teaching at circles, spending time with family and friends and a recent breakup, it’s been tough feeling motivated to blog. i know what you’re thinking – mentioning a breakup might not seem like this is the happiest of birthday posts, but whenever i write these posts i reflect on the past year and pick a theme for the next. i feel like i can’t authentically talk about my goals, direction and head space without sharing such a massive change. not to mention honestly sharing the ugly along with the good. i also felt compelled to share after reading designlovefest’s post about her breakup. it was such a honest and brave post that ended up helping a lot of people and i wanted to try and do the same. owning our story is so important, especially when this crazy internet gives us a voice to share it with others. i wanted to share this not for any kind of sympathy, but more so as an open invitation for support to any one of you who might be going through something similar and struggling. you are not alone.


i have always this space a way to gather my thoughts, write (which i have been missing dearly), and most importantly keep myself accountable. i’ve always enjoyed going back to previous year’s posts and reading about my goals back then, reflecting on how much has changed, how far i’ve come, and if i’ve truly done what i wrote about. that’s the part i love the most about these posts.


last year was about living with intention and i want this year to be all about living loud. i want to worry less and adventure more. i want to pour love into those around me building them up and supporting them in any i can. i want to have more meaningful conversations, learn, live with passion, draw more, continue to pour my heart and soul into this growing business of mine and see where the heck it goes. travel more, share great adventures, laugh until i cry, trust my gut, do more of the things that set my soul on fire. dare greatly, get more meaningful tattoos, celebrate accomplishments (big and small), continue to push my body to new limits. i want to embrace ideas and put them into action instead of sitting on them, wishing and hoping for one day. i want to soak up everything this life has to offer and feel tired at the end of the day – not because i’ve overworked myself, but because i’ve embraced each day and made the most out of what the universe has put in front of me.


to be honest, being single after such a long time is really scary, but i also see it as a time to reflect on myself and continue growing. it’s insane to think back at how much i’ve grown in the last year, but that makes me excited to see how much i grow in this coming year. the eternal optimist in me has been screaming this whole time keeping my thoughts afloat and my mind searching for a silver lining. sadness is a part of life, and even though this may be a time of struggle for me, you’ll still see me trying to smile through it, because at the end of the day there is always AT LEAST one thing to smile about – like being the crazy chick going for a hike with balloons on her wrist.


i’ve got some major decisions to make in the next little bit, but i’m trying to see opportunities when they present themselves and not get overwhelmed worrying about the future. it’s important to live in the now instead of living in the headspace of what if’s. 26 will be about living loud and i hope to spend the next 365 days defining exactly what that means to me and check back when i mark the start of 27. so here’s to another year and everything that’s to come!


launched: christie’s gardens & greenhouses


oh my gosh you guys, i cannot tell you how excited i am to get to share this rebrand that my studio hatch & harbour did for christie’s gardens & greenhouses! christie’s gardens is a growing greenhouse and retail business that is open all year round (which is the coolest thing ever)!christie came to me a little while ago in need of a refresh for her existing brand that didn’t fit her new and improved business plan. you may have seen this moodboard a while back, to which we made a few changes to (see below) to better suite her brand and future business plans.


prior to diving in to the rebranding, i’d worked with christie on a few ads and small things here and there for her business. after having a few great chats about where she was wanting to take the business, i knew i had to be part of this project. christie’s passion is contagious and she was an absolute joy to work with. i enjoyed the creative freedom of this project so much!


the design process was really enjoyable for me. simplicity was the name of the game for this brand – i wanted to keep it very clean to create something that will remain timeless as the business continues to grow. i incorporated those illustrated conifer stems into the brand creative and in addition to the logo, we put together a mark for chrisitie’s blog: learn.plant.grow, that would be an extension of the brand. we printed her business cards on wood and i was super stoked at how they turned out and fit so perfectly with the branding! we’re currently in the process of tackling her site so stay tuned for that!


giveaway with circles


today i’m super excited to be announcing a little giveaway over on my instagram accounts in collaboration with circles conference! as i mentioned a few weeks ago, i’ll be teaching a hands-on workshop on the process of branding. the workshop is all about the importance of a solid brand, how to know the right questions to ask your clients when getting started, how to sell the brand you’ve created, and lots more nitty gritty details! you can see more info on the workshop on the circles site right over here.


today i’m we’re giving away 3 passes to my workshop AND 1 hangout pass! the hangout pass gets you into the lounge area to view the live streaming sessions, access to online videos, free swag bag, ugmonk mug and tee, and so much more!

get the deets:
to enter to win 1 of 3 workshop passes simply follow tara victoria and circles conference on instagram and comment on the circles giveaway photo telling us what you’d like to get out of the branding workshop!
to enter to win the hangout pass simply follow hatch & harbour and circles conference on instagram and comment on the circles giveaway photo telling us why you’d love to attend the conference!
giveaway will run from 08/11/2015 to 08/18/2015
giveaway is open to internationally – remember that circles is in grapevine, texas – accommodations and airfaire are not included in the passes.

launched: the trifecta lifestyle


we’re wrapping up quite a few branding projects at my studio hatch & harbour, and i’m very much anticipating being able to share them with you all! today i am so stoked to be sharing the launch of the trifecta lifestyle, a holistic nutrition and lifestyle company that offers nutrition counselling, personal training, and home based fitness programs. i met theresa, the founder, a few months ago at a beachbody event and we got to talking about the importance of branding. funny enough after learning what i do, she brought in hatch & harbour to create a solid new brand for her from the ground up.


i had a ton of fun working on this project. lately the best part of building brands has been seeing a passion for what they do in the clients i get to work with. seeing theresa’s drive and determination not only for her company, but for helping others build a healthy lifestyle has been truly inspiring. i also found it so enjoyable to work with the message behind this business – balance – and turn it into a relatable concept for the brand. we’re currently working on building the website as well as some print materials, so stay tuned for those real soon!



healthy eating on the go


since i began my health and fitness journey at the beginning of this year, one of the toughest challenges for me when it comes to nutrition (and the one i get asked quite a bit about) is how to stay on track when you’re eating out. eating out is inevitable, especially in the summer months when there’s so much going on, so i thought i’d share some helpful tips i’ve learnt over the past few months that have really helped me keep my nutrition in check.

01. customize your order
one of the main reasons we go out to eat, other than to socialize, is to have someone else make the food for us. why not request what you really want? for example if you’re ordering a burger, but you want to keep it healthy – order it without the bun and ask for toppings on the side. or change your side orders to sweet potato fries or a salad with dressing on the side. i’ve always been a huge fan of sauces and dressing, but sticking with proper portion control has made me realize how much we overuse them – especially in restaurants! putting them on the side and dipping your food makes you realize how little you actually need to maintain the flavour.

02. skip the freebies
don’t we all love the free bread or chips at a restaurant? as yummy as they may be, these ad ons are unnecessary and cause you to consume more calories. ask the server if you can skip it instead of having the temptation to indulge.

03. grab a water instead of pop/juice
i’m always guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day, but lately that’s been all i drink (aside from my usual coffee and tea). there’s a crazy amount of sugar in pop and juices so order water instead. you can even spice it up by asking for a lemon or lime!

04. skip the cocktails
stick to beer and wine instead of cocktails or mixed drinks. there’s a high amount of sugar in those as well. if you’re not a wine drinker, have a beer as a substitute for your daily carbs.

05. pay attention to portions
sometimes the portions in restaurants can be extremely large. instead of stuffing yourself and feeling sick and bloated – pay attention to the meal portions and ask to take the leftovers home. this will keep you from eating too much and ruining your night out with a stomach ache!

06. plan ahead
since i’ve been following the portion control guide on the 21 day fitness & nutrition program, i’ve started to plan my meals a bit better. if i know i’m going to be going out for dinner and i know what would be available for me to eat at that restaurant, i’ll plan the rest of my meals for that day subtracting what i will eat later. for example, if i know i’ll probably have 2 servings of veggies, 1 of protein and 1 carb at the restaurant, i’ll leave those out of my other meals throughout the day to make sure i’m getting all of my daily portions and not overeating.


i really hope you guys found these tips and tricks helpful! keep in mind, it’s always good to see what works best for you and your body – these are just a few things that have been working for me. how do you guys stay on track when you’re eating out – i’d love to hear!


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