meet sawyer brown


i’m sure you’ve seen my instagram spam of cuteness these past few weeks, but i wanted to introduce you all to our new addition, share a few photos and an update on how he’s been doing! this little ball of cuteness is our new puppy, sawyer. we’re over the moon with this guy!



we adopted sawyer from a local adoption agency called little mutts rescue society. my brother and sister-in-law actually adopted both their dogs from there. troy and i had been wanting to get a puppy for a few years now since loosing both of our childhood pups, but the old rental we were in didn’t allow it. once i got the OK from our new landlord that we could get a dog, we were ecstatic. i first met sawyer at an adoptathon little mutts was holding and fell in love with him! after our meeting with him and his foster family, i knew we were meant to be his forever family. he’s been an unbelievably amazing puppy (like zero accidents in the house amazing) – so well behaved! troy and i keep saying we can’t believe it and how lucky we got!


he was found, abandoned in a school yard in L.A. and brought to calgary by little mutts. they figure he’s around 8 months old and he’s a chihuahua yorkshire terrier mix. he’s still a little nervous of people, random noises and other dogs, but he’s learning things aren’t so scary real quick. he loves sleeping on the couch in my office while i work, playing in our yard and chewing on any one of his many toys. we’re so overjoyed to have this guy in our lives and feel so blessed to be able to save him from what could have been a horrible life on the streets. adopting is something that i’ve always wanted to do and after seeing the impact my brother and sister-in-law made on their rescues, i was really excited to do the same. we’re so grateful to little mutts for rescuing him and doing all they did to get him here healthy and safe. here’s to puppies and all their cuteness!

moodboard: gritty, vintage fitness


i’ve been wildly productive these past months since going full-time with my studio hatch & harbour.  i’m really looking forward to sharing lots of projects that are in the process of wrapping up, but in the meantime i thought i’d share a new moodboard for an upcoming project. i am really excited about working on this one as it’s all about fitness and healthy living which is something i’ve been growing more an more passionate about since this year started.

the inspiration for this one is old-school strongmen (and women) and vintage fitness gear. the brand is all about strength and grittiness with a welcoming vibe to invite anyone and everyone to get healthy! i’m so looking forward to sharing the final result with y’all! look out for more projects to come real soon : )

memories in print with montage photobooks


since i started dabbling in photography years and years ago, i have countless photos stored on my computer and phone that just remain in digital format collecting dust on my hard drive. growing up, we had tons and tons of photobooks from my parents taking lots of pictures, developing them and then organizing them into books. it’s always been on my to-do list to get my photos into print in tangible books to look through memories when i’m feeling nostalgic. i put together a few photos from some adventures troy and i have taken over the past few years using montage.


have you guys ever heard of montage before? i loved using them because the process was super simple and there was quite a few designs to choose from which the designer in me really enjoyed. the great thing about these photo books is the super thick pages made them feel like those old photo books my dad put together, but without the hassle of placing each 4 x 6″ print! plus the packaging was on point!!


this little treasure makes a great coffee table book that i love going back to every now and then, looking through our memories and the adventures we’ve taken together. they made really awesome gifts too! i think i’m going to have to grab a few more for my family : )


what are your favourite ways to display your memories?
huge thank you to montage for providing the photo book for this shoot. please note all opinions and thoughts are my own. 




positivity y’all

PositiveVibesthese past few months have been immense in terms of personal growth. i have been doing a lot of daily personal development as well as taking the time to reflect on gratitude. though i’ve always been an optimist at heart, i have to say the biggest thing that i have learned in these past few months is the monumental power of positivity. i have seen it work first hand a boat load times and i am truly a believer. i really believe in the idea that we can manifest our own realities and i think that once we let go of limiting beliefs, such as: “i am never going to be able to get the job i want”, “i am never going to be pretty enough”, “i am never going to be able to loose 15 pounds”, and open ourselves up to the endless possibilities that are out there for us, we are capable of anything! A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! that’s why i think positivity is key to manifesting the life we dream of. i have been really focused lately on letting go of negative thoughts and energy and doing everything in my power to think positively and put out positive energy. i also believe that we get back what we put in – so we put out positive energy, we get back positivity.

maybe this sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you, or maybe you’re sitting there reading this screaming DUDE YES! – either way, i wanted to share these things i’ve learnt in the spirit of sharing my journey. if you are interested in a good read on this subject i highly recommend the book you are a badass by jen sincero. no joke y’all it has literally changed my life.

the other day, i was feeling a little gloomy so i broke out a new lettering pen and pad i had bought a few days before and practiced lettering this phrase. just doing that was so therapeutic to help get me back in a good mood. i took out my favourite and stuck it to the wall above my computer so i am constantly looking at it and constantly reminded to stay positive. a few lovely folks on instagram mentioned they would like to do this too, so i thought i’d make a wallpaper and printable version for you all to enjoy too : )

how do you stay positive in tough times – i’d love to know? i hope this brightens your day and i hope you all have a stunningly wonderful weekend! i know i’m super excited for this weekend because we’ll be bringing home our new puppy and i’ll be planning my new tattoo while troy gets his first tattoo ever. happy friyay!


download here **for personal use only**
desktop: teal  |  white & black  |  white on white
iphone: teal  |  white & black  |  white on white
printable version

for your closet: camp vibes



hey friends! long time no talk – and boy have i missed this space. i have been wildly productive as of late and sadly i’ve had to take a bit of a step back from this space. but don’t worry, i’m easing back into it and carving out the time to make this a priority because it is such an outlet for me and so so important.

so i thought i’d share some things i’ve got my eye on lately with camping season coming up! ahh summer : ) i cannot wait for trips to the great outdoors, feeling the sun on my skin. this weekend, the long weekend, will be the first (of many) weekends out camping this summer. i am deeply looking forward to a little break to refresh, reconnect, re-inspire and spend some time with good friends! lately i’ve been pretty obsessed with geometric prints and graphic tees… oh and headbands – i have a serious obsession! also, how cool is this handmade football?! i duno about you guys, but a football when camping is a must for me, troy and i keep one in the trailer at all times. my dad taught me how to throw when i was a kid and it’s one of my favourite things to do when we’re relaxing in the sun!

it feels good to be back in this space, i’ve got lots of ideas flowing around for upcoming posts and things that have been going on that i want to share with y’all! but in the meantime, enjoy peeking these goods and get outside and soak up the sunshine! what are your plans for the weekend??


field bed  |  tea kettle  |  cooler bag  |  tee  |  headband  |  hoodie  |  jeans  |  vest  |  sandals

yoga in the mountains with dear kate


a trip to the mountains, whether long or short, always feels like a breath of fresh air. i feel intensely grateful that this is my backyard and the older i get, the less i seem to be taking it for granted. the quick getaways, the unexpected adventures, planned weekend trips and the day hikes are embedded in my memories and continue to grow my wanderlust.


this particular trip was a short one out to banff to find the perfect spot to do a little outdoor yoga in my new dear kates, then grab some tea at my favourite tea shop for the ride home. please excuse my terrible form, i’m very new to the practice! 

TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_11TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_06 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_03 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_04

since i’ve started dipping my toes into the yoga pool, i’ve found it so freeing. something about pouring all your focus into breathing and your body’s strength makes me feel like i am capable of absolutely anything. learning how my body moves and constantly nurturing it’s flexibility and strength has been an amazing journey that i know i will continue to stick with.

the freeing feeling was intensely multiplied by the freedom of being in the mountains. the fresh air, the wind, the views, the sun peeking through the mountain tops – it was surreal and i loved every minute of it!

TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_07TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains-12 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_09

i’ve come to be a bit sentimental about these yoga pants for a few reasons. the first being that they have been with me since the very start of my recent decision to start living a healthy lifestyle. the second being that i would have been so scared to post pictures of me in yoga pants 6 months ago, but being on this journey and knowing the voice behind dear kate, has changed that for me. their complete acceptance of all body types and their constant encouragement to love yourself with confidence, gave me the confidence to feel good in these pants. i feel friggen awesome strutting these around knowing that the brand stands for something seriously amazing – it’s ridiculously empowering. add that in with the fact that these are the highest quality, best fitting yoga pants i’ve ever owned (no joke) and i couldn’t not share my love for them!!

though these photos are only a short time into my journey, i know that i’m taking steps to get there and loving myself is the first and most important step to take. so these pants have become a constant reminder of that – and i’m kind of obsessed with them!


do you guys have a favourite place to do yoga?? how bout a sentimental piece of clothing? i would love to hear!


get the look:
+ sweater from forever 21 (similar)
+ tank top from local shop (similar)
+ pants from dear kate
+ yoga mat from jogi by joe fresh (similar)


huge thank you to dear kate for providing the piece for this shoot. please note all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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