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i’m pretty dang excited about this client project because the aesthetic direction we’ve been headed in combines one of my favourite historical design styles, next to surrealism! art deco has always had a special place in my heart because i think the styles, typography, fashion and patterns that came out of that time period were something so unique and stunning. when i got the chance to visit new york a few years back, i couldn’t help myself but snap pictures of everything because so much is influenced by that style. i was ecstatic when the clients for this project were on board with taking this style and combining it with modern, high-end influences. plus the greys with a pop of colour are an absolute dream to work with, though the pop colour might be changing a tiny bit. we’re wrapping up this project pretty quickly, and i cannot wait to share the final result with you all!!




for this month’s creative conversations, holly and i decided to switch things up and ask a guest to come join us over coffee! we were delighted when bethany of love grows design joined in our email discussion! we discussed a really great topic this month: how blogging changed our lives. i was so interested to hear what holly and bethany had to say about their journey and i was excited to reflect on mine. so grab your coffees folks!





Tara: Oh let me count the ways! There are a ton of ways that blogging has influenced my creative journey and changed my life, but I’d have to say the biggest one was giving me a huge creative outlet at a time when I didn’t really have one. I felt a need for creative freedom and a place where I could try new things, experiment with my style and share my journey. I really didn’t expect it to become anything more than a playful place to get my ideas out in different ways and share what inspires me most. Turns out, it is so much more than a place to play, it’s become a community, friendships, a creative outlet, and a place to grow.



Holly: Aw, if I could have told my younger, designer self to start blogging sooner, I would have! I use my space as an outward extension of myself as well as a place to experiment, learn, grow and share as a designer. It serves as a place where I get to have fun and put no limits on what I do. As a designer, sometimes it’s tough to go your own way with projects because you are following the lead of your client. As a blogger, I have the opportunity to create projects for myself and post material that am passionate about. I have learned to not take blogging too seriously and to have fun with the process and journey. I enjoy looking back to when I first started blogging and it’s such a rewarding feeling to see how far I’ve come and how much I have accomplished!


Bethany: I feel like blogging has really helped shape my adult life! I started blogging when I graduated high school as a way to try something new and have an outlet for creative writing. Then when I got married it evolved into sharing my experiences and deeper thoughts to connect with other women in similar situations. That’s when I really started to love the blogging community and made some real friends! But then the time of that blog seemed to naturally end as I started my design business and now I use blogging as a tool for marketing my business. It’s been a HUGE help as it brings in most of my clients and it’s so fun to be able to share some advice and inside scoops with readers, and like Holly I can have some fun doing things for myself! Over the last few years blogging has really helped to shape my life as I’ve met so many new amazing people, expanded my business, and learned about writing and sharing in the online world. As cheesy as it sounds, I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t started blogging! At the very least, I wouldn’t know awesome fellow designers like you!
Tara: I think like Bethany, one thing that blogging has really given me is a way to not only track my journey as a creative and personally, but a way to look back and see how far I’ve come and what experiences I’ve had. One of the best parts about blogging for me is the freedom to share your life and define what you want to write about. I love the ability to share trips and inspiration alongside design work I’ve done or experiences I’ve had growing a business and being in the industry. I recently just watched the American Blogger, and though it talks a lot about mama bloggers and I’m not really at that stage in my life yet, one of the things I really took away from it was the ability we each have to leave a mark (however different each of our blogs and content are) for future generations to look back on. I just think that’s so profound and I think blogging has changed my perception of what I want to leave behind.
Holly: I couldn’t agree more! I have really started to use my blog as more of a journal to document the things that are currently going on with my life – whether that be current things I’m loving, what I wore, projects I’m working on, stories and experiences, it’s a wonderful way to show where you’ve been and the path that you’re currently paving for yourself. I choose to blog not only for myself, but I also use my blog as a way to help encourage creativity, inspire, and share what I’ve learned as a way to help others. Each connection, comment, email, Facebook message, or tweet I receive is as equally rewarding as the next and makes me absolutely love what I do!!
Bethany: Yes! While I don’t necessarily use my blog to journal my life (since I’ve chosen not to get too personal or share things unrelated to my business), it’s almost a journal of my business- the steps I’m making and what I’ve learned and the work I’m creating and who is influencing me, etc. And I love having a way to make a small impact on the world. While my readership might not be big and I’m certainly not blog famous, those comments and emails from readers letting me know that I’ve helped them out means the world to me! If I’m able to help one person find success in their blog or business through the advice I give on my blog, it’s all worth it. But hey, there’s quite a few things that make it all worth it so it looks like I won’t be quitting any time soon!
Tara: That totally leads into another thing I was going to say, through blogging I’ve found a huge potential to help others through my experiences. One of my main goals with my blog has become to inspire and help my readers in any way that I can. Whether your readership is huge or small, blogging gives you that voice. Some of the most powerful things to me are the abilities to change one person or many people’s outlook, connect with how their feeling or be vulnerable and show you can relate to your readers. I think sometimes the reason we feel compelled to write a blog post is because we’ve had a certain experience and want to put it out there to help in any way we can. Seeing the same thing on other people’s blog is just amazing to me, the bravery and courage it takes to put your story out there makes bloggers sort of heroes in my eyes.
Holly: Blogging certainly has given me the voice I’ve been searching for and has really helped me to become a more confident person. I used to be the girl that was sometimes shy and didn’t share much of her opinion because she feared what the response could be. Blogging has helped me take the steps to become more self-assured and willing to take the lead; which has made sharing and connecting so much easier. It was a slow process in the beginning, but once I developed my writing style things started to flow a lot easier and everything started to fall into place. You first get going you may hit a few bumps, but try not to get discouraged and enjoy the journey, because the potential outcomes could be oh so good!
Bethany: Oh man, I think back to when I first started blogging and how I wasn’t very confident, unsure of how to navigate these new waters in the online world. I was scared to say anything even mildly opinionated and when I got my first negative comment, oh how I cried. And now here I am teaching others and establishing myself as an expert! I’ve learned how to write in a way that is inclusive of others differing opinions but also shares my point of view in a way that people can understand. Two years ago I never could’ve done that! It’s amazing how much I’ve grown, not only as a blogger but also as a person. It’s helped me to be much better at my job as I teach and help my clients and I think that’s one of the things my clients appreciate most about my work. Pretty crazy how blogging has changed my life!




we hope you guys enjoyed our little discussion! now we want to know – whether you write your own or just read your favourites: how has blogging changed your lives?



this weekend was a true testament to how much the tools you have as a creative can effect what you do. since i’ve been working from home, i had a great style-over-comfort chair from ikea, and my back was killing me. so this weekend i headed off to ikea to grab an actual work chair and i can’t tell you the difference it’s made for me, i actually want to sit at a desk instead of on the couch! as creatives we have so many tools that make our lives a little easier, and like a proper desk chair, tablets can make a huge difference in efficiency and work flow. i have one, and though i don’t use it everyday i find it so useful when i do need it, and i used it a ton all through school!


so today, i’m excited to be celebrating the tools of the trade with my dear friend miranti of pen & peplum’s birthday week giveaway! miranti has brought together a killer group of bloggers and creatives to giveaway a wacom intuos pen and touch tablet to one luck reader!! i loved teaming up with so many amazing folks to make this happen, so be sure to check out their blogs and definitely head over to pen & peplum and give her some birthday love!



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get the deets:
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good luck lovelies!

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firstly, i just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your amazing comments and feedback yesterday with the launch of hatch & harbour. your words filled my day with smiles and i hugely appreciate all the love! now on to today’s exciting giveaway! emily salshutz is a photographer and food blogger who has recently opened up an etsy shop called print (em) which she also recently started selling handpicked vintage housewares with a custom facelift like this geometric bowl i’m totally in love with. when she approached me with her product and giveaway idea, i was fully on board. for me living in rentals the past few years, one big issue is trying not to damage the walls while fighting my inner interior decorating monster that wants to hang framed prints and inspirational photography everywhere and not wanting to tape things up because they just look so much better in a frame. that’s where print (em) comes in!




how awesome is that?! i can just imagine if i had headed off to university in a different city or state like my sister did, and had to live in a dorm – these framed prints would definitely be something i would snatch up to hang without ruining the walls. even for myself in my rental now, i had no problem hanging them on the wall with double sided tape and they don’t fall down at all. i was really impressed with the prints when emily sent me these two gorgeous gold ones, and i genuinely adore the unique, hand painted frames and beautifully photographed prints. i also love how well the design fits into my space!



so today emily has graciously offered to giveaway a framed print – readers choice! you can enter to win using the rafflecopter below and be sure to head over to emily’s etsy shop to check out all her amazing items!


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i am beyond excited to finally get to spill the beans on this moodboard you guys saw a little while ago. for some time now, i have been toying with the idea of bringing my design work away from working under my name, to working under a totally unique name! i went back and forth quite a bit, but after mulling it over with some friends and family, i decided to make the jump. thus, hatch & harbour was born!

hatch & harbour grew out of a need to express my passion for design and for working with clients that share the same passionate mindset. the brand grew out of my total and utter awe of nature and it’s risk takers. in nature things that we never thought to be possible, can be possible, it inspires us to do the impossible – ride the tops of mountains in the deepest powder you’ve ever experience, surf waves that could swallow us whole, wander through places abandoned and left ever-changing by it’s surroundings.
i’m most inspired by the sea – the things it teaches us, it’s power and the way it pushes us to our limits. i wanted to embody that power and harness that drive and put that into building brands and working with clients that want to do things differently. it’s about waking up one morning with this dream that you’ve been dreaming for so long and deciding to risk it all to put into action. it’s the drive for not letting dreams go undreamt, for battling the fear of failure and the knowledge that this is what you were meant to do. hatch & harbour is adventurous design and brand building for the daydreamers, the risk takers and the follow your heart-ers.


hatch & harbour strives to work with businesses who understand a need for more, who have that drive to take big risks and allow themselves to be inspired by something different. to know that there are ways of doing things easy, and there are ways that take blood, sweat and tears, hard work and passion but are so worth it in the end. to understand what challenging the ordinary and taking big risks will do for you. the kind of people that know they are destined for something bigger.
those who want to sea and be seen.




not only am i super excited to be sharing this new brand with you guys, but i’m also excited to share that i’m no longer working at the full-time agency i was perviously at. i’m so looking forward to this fresh start with hatch & harbour and a new opportunity that came into the picture this past week which i am ecstatic about  (i’ll share more on that real soon). with that, i’ll leave you guys to take a peek at hatch & harbour, you can follow along on facebook, twitter and instagram. with all these big changes going on, other than some new columns and some updates here and there, this space will remain the same so keep coming by to say hi! thank you guys so much for following along, you all inspire the heck outta me!


this month’s between lenses theme movement ended up being such a blast to photograph! the moment the theme came about i had an idea, but wasn’t sure it would turn out like what was in my head. though it was a bit of a challenge to get just the right angles, motion and focus, i loved every minute of it! trina and i cannot wait to see what all you talented folks come up with this month, it’s been such a joy getting your guyses feedback and participation on this photography challenge – you guys seriously rock!



growing up, i played sports here and there, enjoyed soccer and football, but nothing really stuck until i found longboarding and snowboarding. that was my favourite form of movement. there’s something about the board under your feet, being in complete control, moving side to side and shifting your weight to carve that is completely freeing. i used to sneak out of the house in the summer at 2 am and rip up and down the completely empty, motionless streets of my neighbourhood. best feeling ever.


for others that freeing feeling could be running or working out – after a bad day you can head to the gym and feel better about everything. for me that’s hitting empty streets with a killer playlist and just riding, feeling the wind float on by or heading to the mountains for a day on the slopes. when i thought of movement, a board under my feet, moving me forward and taking away any negative feelings, was the only thing i thought of. feeling at home, feeling free. there’s just always been something about those sports that light a fire in my soul, though i can’t quite explain it with words.  i had so much fun trying to put that moment to the lens and experimenting to try and get it just right. this photo was my hopes of capturing that feeling.


the versatility in photographs every time we do one of these is seriously blowing my mind. i absolutely love seeing how creative the concepts are getting and how deep we’re all digging. this photo from trina is seriously breathtaking. i can totally relate to her love of fog, it’s something that always stops me in my tracks. this photo just goes to show how darn talented this girl is. i always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next! head on over to of trees and hues and find out how this moment captured movement for her.


we want to see how you guy express movement! you can easily link up with us via the following steps:
1+  create your blog post and feel free to use the header image in which you can download here.
[please only use images for between lenses posts and be sure to attribute to trina or myself]
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3+  notice where it says click here to enter – click that and follow the easy instructions. be sure to only link up with one of our blogs, not     both. no worries – since mine and trina’s blogs are interlinked, your blog post will show up on both!
4 +  and for fun, you can share your photo on instagram using the #betweenlenses hastag.
our goal for this collaboration is to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers. and we hope that you’re one of them!


++here are the next 2 dates and themes for the between lenses link ups! mark them down cause we’d love for you to join us!!
tuesday, august 12th // symmetry
tuesday, september 9th // silence

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