Moodboard: Fitness Connection


i’m in the process of finalizing this brand and kicking off the website design, but i was so excited about it i just had to share this moodbard with you guys. this is for a fitness blogger based out of new york city! she stumbled upon hatch & harbour on instagram and we instantly clicked! this lady has such a passion for fitness, has done some amazing marathons and has had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands.

when i dove into the client questionnaire with her, it became pretty apparent that the main themes in her brand were connection and exploration. she didn’t want to dip into the feminine side of fitness visuals because that didn’t accurately represent her audience, so i created a brand that was both soft/inviting and strong/powerful at the same time. the challenge was joining those contrasting concepts, but i’m pretty dang stoked on the final result and am excited to share it with you guys when we’re all done. for now you can check out some of the process shots on my dribbble. happy monday friends!

exploring passions with pins to kill


something that has become very important to me this year is taking time for the things that i’m extremely passionate about and have not made enough time for in the past. as we get older, i find there can be a lot of excuses made about why we don’t do those things as much as we’d like to and how there’s just never enough time in the day. i think it’s so essential to try and make time – even if it’s a small amount. those things have lit a fire inside of us for a reason, and it’s so important to explore that. sometimes it’s those passions that become passion projects that can turn into a way to make a living!


for me, one of those passions has always been snowboarding. while i’m not sure it’ll ever become something i can make a living off of, it has always been a way for me to escape everyday stresses, have some fun and create memorable moments. there’s nothing like riding down a mountain with some of the most spectacular scenery around you – especially on the powder days! it’s difficult to put into words just how important this sport is to me, but i feel extremely grateful that i’ve gotten to pursue it for as long as i have – even just as an escape!


whenever a brand or product comes along that helps me explore one of my passions, like snowboarding, i get pretty dang stoked. pins to kill is an online custom legging shop that lets you design your own leggings using your own images, artworks or designs. not only does the idea of creating the look of a pair of leggings get this designer absolutely thrilled, but being able to design the look of a product that’s going to keep me warm (and look pretty rad) on the mountains excites the heck outta me!


when pins to kill asked me to collaborate with them on a post, i knew the mountains would be the perfect place to test out these leggings. i headed out to one of my favourite spots: lake louise and spent the day riding with my family. with snowboarding gear, i always look for products with diversity – something i can throw on under my snow pants to stay toasty warm, and still rep in the pub for an après-ski beer. these are most definitely a diverse pair of leggings and have become my go-to for riding.


to top off getting to rep these awesome leggings, i’m honoured to say that pins to kill has asked me to be an ambassador. i am thrilled to be partnering with such an awesome brand that gives you the freedom to dip into designing custom clothing, and stands for such important qualities like pursuing your dreams! you might not know this about me, but specializing in branding in my day to day work has made me become extremely brand loyal to companies that have created such an impactful, strong and memorable brand. i love seeing that they understand how important branding is and have worked really hard to get just the right voice to speak to their audience. pins to kill is definitely one of those brands to me, which makes this even more exciting! if you have a minute head over and check out their brand new site that just launched and see for yourself just how cool they are!


as we get further into 2016, i am striving more and more to make time for my passions, exploring what that means to me and allowing the things that make me extra passionate to shape who i am. this has meant finding new ways to carve out the time, like taking a day off here and there, working around my business schedule, watching less TV, taking breaks from social media and saying yes to collaborations that allow me to spend some time doing something i love. what are some of your favourite ways to take time to explore your passions? we’d love to hear! 


thank you to pins to kill for collaborating and providing the piece for the shoot. please note all opinions and thoughts are my own.

MMXVI – year of yes


“it resonates immensely with me to pick one word or feeling to direct the year instead of specific resolutions. of course i have a few select things i want to accomplish in 2015, but overall, like last year, i want to resolve to maintain one word throughout the year, striving for accomplishments and changes that will end in that one worded goal. i find it truly fascinating that nearing the changing of the calendars, these words seem to come so easily to me, like my mind knows what my heart needs next.” 

that was written over 365 days ago on my 2015 year resolution post. after re-reading that post today, those words explain perfectly why i sit down and write these posts every year and why a specific word seems to come to me out of the blue telling me how the next year will be themed as it unravels itself.

reflecting on a year that held so many changes, challenges, successes, struggles, and new adventures, i can’t help but be a little hungry for more (okay maybe a lot hungry). knowing how much growth can come out of just one year if you really push yourself and remain open-minded, has made me land on this one word for 2016. you may have seen a few posts on my instagram talking about being a “yes girl”. well, yes has quite loudly become my one word for 2016. just thinking about all that that word could entail, makes me so excited for the year to come. so what does a yes year mean exactly? it means wholeheartedly staying open to new adventures, friendships, experiences, challenges, risks, and anything else that gets thrown my way in the next year. obviously that comes with its limits, but as much as humanly possible i want to embrace everything the universe puts in front of me, knowing how much can come out of just simply saying ‘yes’. already in the first 2 weeks of 2016, i have started out keeping a very open mind to new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. the result has already felt pretty dang amazing.

this one word to me, is about a lot more than just saying yes to new adventures and experiences. in addition, i want to say yes to allowing myself to release the need for validation from others. somewhere along the way i seemed to have allowed that need to briefly but still impact-fully seep back into my life, leaving me questioning my worthiness and feeling fear at the thought of being vulnerable. looking back at where i was last january has helped me see how anxiety can be a catalyst of these negative, self shaming thoughts and how i need to say yes to letting shit go. it’s as simple as that. the idea that we need others to form our sense of validation and lovableness is absurd.

2015 taught me an unbelievable amount about self-love, vulnerability, the uselessness of shame, and most importantly about taking care of myself. i feel in the past few months some of those feelings that were so strong before have started to waver a little bit under circumstances. choosing a word for this coming year and acknowledging what that word means to me has made me realize i need to get back to the strength i once had and continue to build on that.i think the first real step is simply admitting that i have allowed this to become a reality again, even if less than before. so in addition to trying new things and having new adventures i want to say yes to personal growth, feeling comfortable with getting uncomfortable and letting go of negative thoughts. i want to continue to push myself physically in my fitness journey as well as mentally with my continuously evolving mindset. i want to say yes to doing things for myself again and not for validation. i will continue to build the positive relationships that i have in my life, distance myself from the negative ones and continuously build love, happiness and as much laughter as i can into those around me.

so this yes year will be met with fearlessness, wild productivity, passion and an open mind. i cannot wait to see where i go from here and i am already grateful for all of the growth, change and adventure the universe might throw at me. what are you guys looking forward to most about the year ahead? 

a recap of 2015

YearOfDiscovery-photobyMattLowdenphoto by matt lowden

it is extremely difficult for me to put into words what this year has been for me. i feel full hearted sitting here writing a reflection on 2015. it truly was without a doubt a year of discovery for me and looking back on my one word post for 2015, i can’t help but smile now thinking how much has changed since i wrote it. i remember writing that post with this feeling that this year was going to be a big deal for me. i didn’t really know in what ways or what that meant exactly, but i just felt it.

this past year literally not one thing has stayed the same: my mindset has changed drastically (for the better), my body is different after crushing my weight loss goal, the pursuit of some of my most passionate interests has returned, my career grew when i kicked things off full-time with hatch & harbour, my relationship status changed to single, i moved back to calgary, gained a new family member, and so so much more. i feel like i could be looking back on these changes with fear or a heavy heart, but all i can do is smile. this year, in the most obvious ways, has been a blessing. in a lot of ways some of the change has been scary and a struggle, but knowing i’m not the same as i was 365 days ago feels like a gift. i wanted to share some of my favourite moments of 2015 before this year comes to a close!


over the past 12 months, i have seen the power of a changed mindset at work. since that first post about transformation the growth hasn’t stopped and i am loving every minute of it. it hasn’t just been about taking care of my body either, though that has been a huge part. some of my favourite memories of 2015 have been reaching my fitness goals, like completing my first 60 day workout program and trying new things like spin class (which has now become a huge obsession). i am super excited to see how my body grows in 2016 as i continue to push it to new limits!


having this monkey come into my life has been one of the greatest blessings of 2015. adopting him has been such a gift. for those of you that are dog people, you’ll understand what i mean when i say a dog really is part of the family. it might sound so silly to some, but he made a lot of the struggles a little less painful for me. having that love just radiating out of such a happy creature is a truly beautiful thing.


i’ve had some absolutely amazing times in edmonton since i started visiting there on a more regular basis this summer. it’s grown to hold a very special place in my heart and some of my most treasured memories of 2015 are being there, visiting my sister. this past year our relationship has gotten a lot closer and stronger than it ever has been and that is something that i am truly, truly thankful for. the more i see this amazing woman grow and pursue her passion, the more proud i become. it’s hard to put into words how much my family means to me, but having them there by my side, cheering me on in every way over the past insanely life altering year has been incredible. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – you can’t choose your family, but damn i got lucky.


it wouldn’t be a year recap post if i didn’t mention tattoos! 2015 has given me some of my favourite tattoos to date – one of them being a reward for all my hard work and another being a constant reminder that i am happy to say can’t be hidden. one of the things i’ve always adored about tattoos is how they become a map of your story and i can’t wait to add to my map with some new ink this coming year!

TaraVictoria-2015Recap4 TaraVictoria-2015Recap5

some of the moments that stick out most to me from this past year have been in the mountains. they are my breath of fresh air and i’ve had some of the most influential and defining moments of my life thus far surrounded by this monumental scenery. the first (of 2015) that sticks out in my head is my hike to rockbound lake with my friend darbie. it was such a impactful day for me filled with the most breathtaking views, challenging terrain, deep conversations and personal moments of realization. since that day, darbie and i have had some epic trips to the mountains, including a recent epic and spontaneous powder day that i’m still smiling about!


a theme for me this year has been stepping out of my comfort zone, which is something i plan on continuing throughout the new year. i can’t tell you how amazing the benefits are when you decide to take risks and try new things that challenge, frighten and excite you all at the same time. one of those things for me was teaching a workshop at circles this year, which was such an amazing experience. there seemed to be a very different energy at circles this year and it was such an inspiring 3 days for me and a much needed creative refresh. i met some amazing folks there, had some inspiring ideas for my business and some clarity on where i want to go from here. i think going to these kinds of things are a bit of a reality check sometimes and it’s such a great opportunity to get out there and meet creatives with just as much, if not more passion as you!


with just a few of my favourites being mentioned in this post, i will always hold 2015 as such a special year in my heart. the universe has been good to me!! if the saying there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind is true, i cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store.

i want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have followed along on this year of discovery, cheered me on, offered support, challenged me, gave me new opportunities, collaborated with me or even just liked a photo on instagram! you are so important to me and i am so grateful for each and everyone of your beautiful souls! i hope you get to ring in the new year in a very special way with big smiles on your faces and i hope our paths cross again in 2016. cheers to all of you!!

Merry Christmas 2015


it feels like it’s been forever since i’ve been on this space! things have been crazy busy with hatch & harbour and, to be honest, this space has taken a spot in the back seat. but don’t worry, i’m not going anywhere!! this space has always been my escape and little creative outlet and i want to keep it that way. the new year will feature some more regular posts as well as some new content and exciting collaborations! look out for my annual new year’s post next week, some new design work, fitness updates and a new site for hatch & harbour in 2016!

i have to say a big thank you to all of you who continue to visit here regularly and follow along with the day to day on my instagram. it has been so great connecting with so many of you and having your support means so much! i hope you all have an absolutely amazing holiday!! i am looking forward to having my whole family in town for christmas and new years and getting to spend some quality time in the mountains. how do you guys plan on spending your holidays??

music mondays: 06


i can’t believe it’s already october – it seems like just yesterday i was writing my new years post! while there’s been lots of changes in my life over the past few months, one thing that has always remained constant is my need for music. i’ve always loved using music to help me focus when i’m designing and i especially love finding new artists and genres to add to my work playlists. lately i’ve been really into chill, indie, electronic music and i’ve found some pretty rad songs that i wanted to share with you guys today! i’m not gonna lie i think this is one of my favourites i’ve posted on here so far and i hope you guys are just as stoked on it as i am! what are your favourite kinds of music to listen to while you work?? i’d love some suggestions! 

catch & release (deepend remix) | MATT SIMONS
02+  hold me | CLN
03+  human (marian hill remix)  | AQUILO
04+  rewinding | ELDERBROOK
06+  call me in the afternoon HALF MOON RUN
07+  let me down easy MAX FROST
08+  paper planes TOM MISCH
09+  nothing left | KYGO
10+  king and cross | ASGEIR

listen on rdio or 8tracks.


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