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i absolutely love seeing bloggers come together for a little online celebration of their birthdays and instead of getting a present, they’re teaming up to giveaway something for their special day! when this giveaway opportunity came into my inbox, i had to join in because kate spade is one of my favourite shops out there – especially for their stationary and home goods (look at those animal home goods!!). today i’m teaming up with 7 other amazing bloggers to celebrate sam bell’s birthday! we are giving away a $150 gift card to kate spade! you may have seen sam on the blog here as a sponsor a few months back and she was such a joy to work with. sam runs a blog over at and she does amazing watercolour illustrations! such a talent! she put together this giveaway to celebrate her birthday so make sure you head over to her blog and give her some birthday love! below are the lovely ladies that made this giveaway possible. good luck y’all! what would you buy if you won??



Fashiony Fab | Honestly B | Emma-Lou Designs | My LifeBox
Sam Bell Creative | Jessica Says | Tara Victoria | Safaris and Sunsets


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Music-Collage [collage by tara victoria. images: 1 | 2 ]

woo has it been a whirlwind of a few weeks, sorry for the radio silence over here! i just got back from my trip to vegas and i’ve been playing catch up like a mad woman. i always find it stressful going on trips with everything that has to get done before you go and then everything that has to get caught up when you get back – but it’s oh so worth it isn’t it! my trip was a total blast! you can see some snippets on my instagram and a *hint* it had something to do with this moodboard, which i cannot wait to share with you guys real soon! i’m excited to be back (though i’m missing the desert heat like crazy), i’m excited for new things to come. now that all of the trips we had planned have come to an end : ( i’ve got lots of great things planned for this blog and some upcoming projects!


in the meantime, i wanted to share with you guys a company that is very near and dear to my heart. i’ve talked about serial box presents on the blog before, many many moons ago, but their new season is out and a new amazing kickstarter that i’m pretty excited about. serial box is a one take, live performance in front of cameras and the talents of these artists astounds me every time. one thing that me and troy are a little obsessed with, is finding artists that can really sing – like really sing. you know you get the crusty youtube videos, shot in someone’s basement with a crappy camera, just the singer and their guitar, and yet despite the not-so-clear sound quality, you’re speechless with goosebumps. that is what serial box is like. those artist can sing. i’ve found some of my favourite musicians from season one (i’m sure a few more will come out of season 2 when i get through all the videos). there’s so much passion behind these voices and instrumentals. i really encourage you to check out these videos and tracks and i’m sure you’ll be as blown away as i am every time!


so their new kickstarter campaign is for serial box tv! serial box tv is a 60 minute show that’s a documentary style look into different artists. i remember i used to watch much music artist documentaries for hours when i was a kid, and that style of an inside look into your favourite artists, seems to have faded away a bit since then. i absolutely love this idea of bringing back that intimacy and showing viewers a different, raw side of their favourite musicians. this is a kickstarter i must back!! take a look at the video for more info, i hope all of you will get involved!!


[*note* this is not a sponsored post, i just really believe in this company]


i’m excited today to be teaming up with 21 fabulous bloggers to celebrate one talented lady’s 5 year blogiversary! what a huge accomplishment – i can only imaging how much growth and learning can happen in 5 years time! ciera of has organized a little celebration to show her gratitude and celebrate 5 years. together, we’re giving away a $400 pre-paid mastercard. that’s right $400 buckeroos for you to spend anywhere in the world that accepts mastercard. so scroll down to enter for your chance to win and while you’re at it, take a moment to visit these awesome talents that made this possible and be sure to drop by ciera’s blog to congratulate her!



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i really do say this every month, but i cannot believe it’s october. it’s hard for me to believe this marks our 10th between lenses photo challenge. it still feels like yesterday we were talking about our new years resolutions and this idea came about. this month, the idea of mornings seemed perfectly timed. since i’ve been trying to practice being more intentional more and more each day, mornings have been a serious topic continuously running through my head. i absolutely love these images trina and i have cooked up this month, and i’m looking forward to all of you joining our bloghop!



mornings. i awake, sleepy and half conscious. most mornings the first thing i see when i open my eyes is the sunlight peeking through the curtains telling me that it’s time to start the day. my favourite way to spend the wee hours of the day are to take a little time to myself, embrace the silence and prepare for the day ahead. i love waking up to the sunlight surrounded by bright white sheets (that for some reason i find so comforting) and slowly head downstairs to make that first cup of coffee. on the days where i have a little more AM time, i like to take my coffee back up to bed and read through a magazine or a book or catch up on my instagram feed.


i always feel the way we begin our day is the way we will spend the rest of it. if i start the day rushing and in a panic, the rest of my day will follow like a total whirlwind and i’ll feel panicky and rushed. if i start my day slow and calm, most of the time the day will follow with ease. though i do love to stay up late working, i do love the idea of mornings and i have always pushed to start them in less of a rush. this image is a reminder of those calm, serene mornings that fill my day with warmth and peacefulness.



this image by trina is absolutely breathtaking! the colours, the details, the focus in all the right places. i am completely blown away. what i find even more captivating is her description behind it. her beautiful words make you feel like you were actually there, seeing what she saw in that mesmerizing moment. blown away. hop on over to of trees and hues and i promise you will be too!



 this is a bloghop!

trina and i would love to see you join in and share how you capture your mornings! you can easily link up with us via the following steps:


1+  create your blog post and feel free to use the header image in which you can download here.
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2+  copy your blog post’s url.
3+  notice where it says click here to enter – click that and follow the easy instructions. be sure to only link up with one of our blogs, not     both. no worries – since mine and trina’s blogs are interlinked, your blog post will show up on both!
4 +  and for fun, you can share your photo on instagram using the #betweenlenses hastag.
our goal for this collaboration is to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers. and we hope that you’re one of them!



mark your calendars with the next date for between lenses theme:

wednesday, november 12th // urban



oh gosh i am so excited about this project, and super stoked to be able to give you guys a peek into the process! this branding project is for two very good friends of mine and i was thrilled when they asked me to take it on. currently they’re racing legend cars, but are hoping to expand into other styles in the future so they came to me to develop a brand to hang their hat under no matter what they’re racing. this project was an absolute blast for me to work on, especially having been out to watch them before we even talked about beginning the branding process. it was totally out of my comfort zone, but something i knew i could have tons of fun with (it helps that they were super open to what my aesthetic vision was). since i know the driver and his other half really well, it was easy for me to establish a look that fit their goals, but also represented him as a driver. i wanted the logo to have a vintage-y race feel that stood out among the crowd of standard race-team looks and would still remain timeless. we’re wrapping up the brand now and tackling the website, so look out for the final results real soon!


wowza this one’s been a long time coming! i can’t believe it’s already been over 3 months since i attended the blogcademy in calgary. i wanted to wait to do the recap until the photos from the photographer were up so i could share them too! so here it goes:


2 days
3 headmistresses
5 cups of coffee
2 amazing inglewood lunches
43 pages of notes
40 iphone photos
5 instagrams


it was seriously an amazing experience. from meeting gala, nubby twiglet, and rock’n’roll bride and gaining invaluable knowledge to meeting some of the local bloggers, it was money well spent in my eyes. i was stoked to attend with my good friend tegan, which was really nice to have someone that i knew already there with me. i don’t know why, but i was really, really surprised to see barely any other designers there other than the two of us. the concepts for the other blogs there were really creative. there was mama bloggers, yoga bloggers, nail art bloggers, writers, photographers – the variety was really amazed me!





the location was ridiculous, and i mean ridiculously gorgeous! i have no idea how i had never heard of this hidden gem, but the commons was a beautiful spot to hold the event. walking in i felt inspired before the teaching even started. plus they had the cutest puppy walking around getting lots of love from all of us!


what i found most inspiring about the entire 2 days, was hearing gala, shauna and kat’s stories and how relatable they were (plus gala has the best accent ever and pronounced my name right – winning!). they too had once started out just where each and every one of us in the room were or are now. of course there were bloggers there with less or more experience, but at some point in their careers, they had where we were too. it was a joy to hear how they got to where they are now, and it somehow made my dreams and goals seem a heck of a lot more obtainable.
i think one of the biggest lessons i walked away from the experience with was to really take this blogging thing seriously if i want it to achieve my long-term goals for this space. i learned that there are strategic things you can do to get there, ways to develop a blogging business plan, how to define my ideal reader and write with them in mind, to not write about problems while i’m having them, but rather when i’m on the other side of it, and different ways to create killer content and stay consistent. it made me see my blog as more of a business and reflect on why i started blogging in the first pace. all of this really ads up to helping me define the direction i want to take my blog in.

a moment that really stuck out for me was getting to sit down one on one with shauna and talk business. she really helped me define where my blog and design studio where going and the best way for me to launch hatch & harbour and decide what direction this blog heads in post launch. after having that discussion with her, everything that i had been questioning and unsure of really became clear. not only was she totally relatable and wiling to share her professional experiences with me, but gave me some really great insight into different ways i could do things and what would be best for my businesses. it was a really memorable moment for me, especially since i’ve looked up to her as a fellow designer since my ACAD days.



look at all those talented hotties rocking that group photo! all in all, i truly feel grateful to have been able to attend the blogcademy, not to mention so close to home (something i never thought would happen). i seriously recommend it to anyone who may be on the fence about going or not sure if it will be a valuable experience. you can take it from me, it is! if there are things about blogging you are questioning or you want to shake things up or take your blog to the next level, the blogcademy can help you do that. even if the funding isn’t there for you, they have a whole bunch of homeschool lessons that are affordable and literally at your fingertips! these 3 chicks are definitely doing what they’re meant to be doing. thank you so much for coming to calgary!!


[photos in the post were taken by sarah pukin & myself. see all the photos from the calgary class here.]

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