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Studio79-Colour there have been a ton of projects completed for me lately and i’m excited to finally start sharing them with y’all! do you guys remember this moodboard? this client was a lovely word-of-mouth connection from another client of mine. i was over the moon when tessa wanted me to do the branding for her at home hair salon and esthetics studio, studio 79. she was in the process of renovating her basement into a full blown hair salon with an esthetics room.


Studio79-Elements this project was a serious blast to work on. from working in a hair salon for 2 years while i was in school, i had mounds and mounds of ideas running through my head of ways to make her brand stand out and make things fresh. tessa was super open to my suggestions and concepts, which made for a really fun, easy going process. i’m really excited about the final result! we also did some print material which i look forward to sharing with you guys real soon!


i’m really excited to see what y’all come up with this month for our between lenses photography challenge. i’ve been finding everyone seems to be digging deeper with their posts and challenging themselves a little more each month, which has been fantastic to see! this month’s theme is silence and when trina from of trees and hues and i decided on it, immediately my head was spinning with wonderful imagery and a ton of different ideas. it wasn’t until i had a moment that captured me completely that i really knew what i wanted to post for this month.

silence. the stillness in a moment. the peacefulness of your surroundings capturing each breath you take. seeing details in a different light without the distractions of noise or technology. stillness in the air, the motionless trees, water like glass, fog that seems to pause on the mountain tops – just for a moment to inhale before moving along.


that was this moment, just pure clarity. we were driving up the highway to british columbia and pulled over on a scenic rest stop to take a moment to stretch our legs. finally, we weren’t in a rush. it was early in the morning when everything seems quieter, clearer. the beautiful fog was still covering the tops of the mountains. the beauty of these surroundings held me in a long, thoughtful pause. but all I could hear was nothing. i was alone in my thoughts, thinking how lucky we are to be here right now and how the ambience was completely taking my breath away. beyond measures, this is what it feels like to live authentically. to feel authentically. to feel a moment of pure silence and let it capture you entirely.




what i love most about this month is that trina and i both seemed to capture a moment that screamed silence to us (ha!). trina’s photo is absolutely gorgeous, i love the movement and how calm it is at the same time – plus i totally relate to how she was feeling in this moment. it’s truly magical. head on over to of trees and hues to find out what this moment meant to her.



 this is a bloghop!

trina and i would love to see you join in and share how you see silence! you can easily link up with us via the following steps:


1+  create your blog post and feel free to use the header image in which you can download here.
[please only use images for between lenses posts and be sure to attribute to trina or myself]
2+  copy your blog post’s url.
3+  notice where it says click here to enter – click that and follow the easy instructions. be sure to only link up with one of our blogs, not     both. no worries – since mine and trina’s blogs are interlinked, your blog post will show up on both!
4 +  and for fun, you can share your photo on instagram using the #betweenlenses hastag.
our goal for this collaboration is to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers. and we hope that you’re one of them!

mark your calendars with the next few dates of between lenses themes:

wednesday, october 8th // mornings
wednesday, november 12th // urban



today i’m super excited to share this month’s creative conversation’s post! holly and i decided to switch things up this month and do something a little different. instead of emailing back and forth for a week, we used google hangouts on air to record our convo and share the video with you all.
this month we’re discussing working from home, how to keep those pesky distractions in check and stay inspired and focused. since i’ve been working from home for the past few months, i thought it might be helpful to share a few tips that have helped both holly and i stay on track and keep the to do list checked off. we definitely would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and how you like this format vs the one we’ve previously done. and as always we’d love to hear any future topics you guys would like to see us discuss. so feel free to grab your coffees, kick back and watch our convo unfold!



hello dear friends! those of you who had a long weekend this past weekend, i hope it was a fantastic one! i had a great trip to BC, though it’s sad it’s the last long weekend of summer. i feel refreshed after a nice little break. the season is definitely changing here (which i’m not entirely ready for), but with each season i do have a few favourite things to look forward to. to kick off fall on this start of september, i’ve got another fabulous giveaway for y’all! janee of yellow bird + yellow beard has organized this great group of 26 bloggers, including myself, to giveaway a $450 gift card to the shop of your choice! (provided they offer gift cards). that’s right, we’re helping you get geared up for fall and i can’t wait to see what the winner buys!


big thanks to these lovelies for making this happen:


Rarely Taken Seriously | Team Wiking | Rebecca Lately | Of Trees and Hues | The Freckled Fox
Rachel The Hat | RIO the Dreamcatcher | Wearable. | A Fine Line | Anna Delores Photography
The Red Closet DiarymyLifeboxCreative Theory | More Pieces of Me | Cocorrina
Cloistered Away | Wwillthebeast | Sea, Field & Tribe | LublyouCoco & Mingo
Live Colorful | Tara Victoria | Kiss Me Darling | Ex Vitae | Yeobo

Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard



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this weekend is a long weekend here in canada and i am sooo looking forward to a little time away! troy and i are headed up to see his family in BC for some fun in the sun and some good times on their boat!! the weather is cooling down significantly now, i’m so not ready to let go of summer. so while i’ll wear my flip flops until they get pried from my hands when the minus 40 weather hits, sometimes you just need those staple comfy lightweight sweaters and scarves when the sun goes down. and of course my new favourite baseball cap! i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend where ever it takes you! here’s to hoping for some good weather : )


bracelet  |  sweater  |  sunglasses  |  hat  |  tank  |  shorts  |  chucks  |  weekender bag  |  scarf



i’m so excited to be teaming up with 17 amazing bloggers to celebrate maru from fashiony fab’s birthday! not only is she turning 25, but fashiony fab is one year old! i feel so blessed to get the opportunity to meet all these amazing bloggers online and even more to be able to be part of their celebrations. today we are giving away a $270 gift certificate to either etsy, amazon or sephora (winners choice). below is a list of the talented bloggers that made this possible so please do check out their blogs, you will not be disappointed! and definitely head over to fashiony fab and give maru some birthday love!



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