make it: holiday diy


inspired by a recent order for my home from thisispaper shop, and my evergrowing love for anything copper, i literally had a vision of making these christmas ornaments in my head. i thought of how great it would be to do something totally different to decorate the tree this season! my mom has always had this tradition with us that she gets us a new ornament every year, usually something to do with our interests, and then when we move out we get all the ornaments she’s given us over the years to take with us to our new home. i absolutely love this tradition, it is one of my favourites and i will most definitely be carrying it on when i have a family of my own someday. one year my mom asked me to make the ornaments for a few family members. this DIY totally reminded me of doing that, and i thought how fun of a gift this would make for a couple of my family members or even just for my own little tree!


this is a pretty simple DIY, all you need are:
++ wooden balls various sizes, you decide! (found at your local craft store)
++ paints (whatever colour you’d like) and a paintbrush or two
++ painters tape
++ small closed screw hooks
++ string or ribbon to hang your new ornament

before you paint, it’s easier to put in the screw hooks so you have something to hold onto. start a small hole with a thumbtack in the middle of the top of the ball, and work your screw hook all the way in. you may need some pliers to get it secured, but some you can do by hand. then tape off the first part of your design on a wooden ball – make sure the tape is stuck really well to the surface of the wood in a relatively straight line so you get the cleanest line possible. paint away! let dry and remove the tape and add as many other angles or colours you want! when your all done just add a string or ribbon through the hook and decorate your tree!