Moodboard: Fitness Connection


i’m in the process of finalizing this brand and kicking off the website design, but i was so excited about it i just had to share this moodbard with you guys. this is for a fitness blogger based out of new york city! she stumbled upon hatch & harbour on instagram and we instantly clicked! this lady has such a passion for fitness, has done some amazing marathons and has had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands.

when i dove into the client questionnaire with her, it became pretty apparent that the main themes in her brand were connection and exploration. she didn’t want to dip into the feminine side of fitness visuals because that didn’t accurately represent her audience, so i created a brand that was both soft/inviting and strong/powerful at the same time. the challenge was joining those contrasting concepts, but i’m pretty dang stoked on the final result and am excited to share it with you guys when we’re all done. for now you can check out some of the process shots on my dribbble. happy monday friends!

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