at home with uncommongoods


as i’m looking at moving into a new space in the next few months, obviously the interior design obsessed me has already started looking at different shops and items i’d like to decorate the new space with. i get pretty excited when i land on a super cool business with a great mission statement that’s doing something different than some of the big names out there. when i found out about UncommonGoods i was pretty stoked. you know how excited i get about the stories behind things and reading about the business i could see that they do too. seriously y’all, reading through the stories behind some of the artists’ pieces has been amazing! i think so far this one is my favourite. i love love constellations and the meaning behind the necklace makes for a gorgeous and simple piece.


i’ve had a ton of fun creating a little wish list from their unique selection of artists and small businesses and i couldn’t resist this lightbox piece (even though i’m trying to not have a ton to move)! sometimes you just have to! i’m pretty excited about this piece and i’ve been having a ton of fun switching up the quotes every week. i think it’ll be a great addition to the new office space!

of course, i got lost in their home decor and a few other goodies that have been placed on my want list, so i wanted to share a few of my favourites with you guys! if you have a minute take a browse around some of the unique items and read the artist stories, they’re so interesting!


shop these items:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7
favourite collections: personalized gifts  |  top mothers day gifts  |  earrings




*please note* this post is sponsored by UncommonGoods. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 weeks 2 dare: final thoughts


well we’re at the end of this 2 week spin challenge and i made it! woohoo! not gonna lie, the last class was probably the hardest one i had to push through, but it felt pretty dang good to crush it! i’ve taken a few days to let my body recoup a bit, and reflect on the past 14 days. looking back, i’m so glad that i did this challenge and i feel pretty lucky to have had the support of such amazing people.


so how do i feel on the other side of 14 days of spin? pretty awesome! it was a cool experience to have to push through mental walls and it was inspiring to be immersed in such a strong community everyday for 2 weeks. as i mentioned in my last post, it’s become a pretty great escape for me and knowing i had that commitment everyday made it not only easier to challenge my body physically, but stick to healthy eating. i was surprised to find that getting back on that nutrition train was pretty easy the minute i committed to the challenge.

physically, i noticed quite a few inches and pounds lost, but the biggest thing was the strength. by the end of the second week the amount of tension i was putting on the bike was way more than i ever thought i could handle and the weight tracks became more manageable. i definitely knew that i was going to have to pace myself throughout the 14 days, so i used lighter weights and while i was still pushing myself in class, i tried to do so at a reasonable rate. the funny thing was, in certain classes when a certain song came on that i really connected with or when the motivator said something that pumped me up, i forgot about the challenge, pacing, and previous days workout and pushed harder than before. it is truly remarkable what our bodies are capable of!


i think more than anything this became a mental game. 2 weeks really isn’t that long of a commitment, but when you’re in the middle of it feeling a bit sore or tired, the end seems pretty far away. i think i feel stronger mentally on the other side of this than i do physically and i think that’s pretty rad! it’s a bit difficult to put into words what these fitness challenges that i’ve been doing since the beginning of last year have come to mean to me, but i know they have had a massive affect on my mindset and motivation. on top of that, surrounding myself with friends and a community that inspires and encourages me has made this journey even more exciting. so thanks to all of you who have commented, liked, shared or reached out on this journey. you have made such a difference and i appreciate the heck out of each and every one of you!!




*please note* this post is sponsored by YYC Cycle & YEG Cycle. all thoughts and opinions are my own. huge thank you to Farha, Andrew, Warren & Grady for agreeing to let me take on this crazy experiment. you guys are the best!! 

exploring passions with pins to kill


something that has become very important to me this year is taking time for the things that i’m extremely passionate about and have not made enough time for in the past. as we get older, i find there can be a lot of excuses made about why we don’t do those things as much as we’d like to and how there’s just never enough time in the day. i think it’s so essential to try and make time – even if it’s a small amount. those things have lit a fire inside of us for a reason, and it’s so important to explore that. sometimes it’s those passions that become passion projects that can turn into a way to make a living!


for me, one of those passions has always been snowboarding. while i’m not sure it’ll ever become something i can make a living off of, it has always been a way for me to escape everyday stresses, have some fun and create memorable moments. there’s nothing like riding down a mountain with some of the most spectacular scenery around you – especially on the powder days! it’s difficult to put into words just how important this sport is to me, but i feel extremely grateful that i’ve gotten to pursue it for as long as i have – even just as an escape!


whenever a brand or product comes along that helps me explore one of my passions, like snowboarding, i get pretty dang stoked. pins to kill is an online custom legging shop that lets you design your own leggings using your own images, artworks or designs. not only does the idea of creating the look of a pair of leggings get this designer absolutely thrilled, but being able to design the look of a product that’s going to keep me warm (and look pretty rad) on the mountains excites the heck outta me!


when pins to kill asked me to collaborate with them on a post, i knew the mountains would be the perfect place to test out these leggings. i headed out to one of my favourite spots: lake louise and spent the day riding with my family. with snowboarding gear, i always look for products with diversity – something i can throw on under my snow pants to stay toasty warm, and still rep in the pub for an après-ski beer. these are most definitely a diverse pair of leggings and have become my go-to for riding.


to top off getting to rep these awesome leggings, i’m honoured to say that pins to kill has asked me to be an ambassador. i am thrilled to be partnering with such an awesome brand that gives you the freedom to dip into designing custom clothing, and stands for such important qualities like pursuing your dreams! you might not know this about me, but specializing in branding in my day to day work has made me become extremely brand loyal to companies that have created such an impactful, strong and memorable brand. i love seeing that they understand how important branding is and have worked really hard to get just the right voice to speak to their audience. pins to kill is definitely one of those brands to me, which makes this even more exciting! if you have a minute head over and check out their brand new site that just launched and see for yourself just how cool they are!


as we get further into 2016, i am striving more and more to make time for my passions, exploring what that means to me and allowing the things that make me extra passionate to shape who i am. this has meant finding new ways to carve out the time, like taking a day off here and there, working around my business schedule, watching less TV, taking breaks from social media and saying yes to collaborations that allow me to spend some time doing something i love. what are some of your favourite ways to take time to explore your passions? we’d love to hear! 


thank you to pins to kill for collaborating and providing the piece for the shoot. please note all opinions and thoughts are my own.

yoga in the mountains with dear kate


a trip to the mountains, whether long or short, always feels like a breath of fresh air. i feel intensely grateful that this is my backyard and the older i get, the less i seem to be taking it for granted. the quick getaways, the unexpected adventures, planned weekend trips and the day hikes are embedded in my memories and continue to grow my wanderlust.


this particular trip was a short one out to banff to find the perfect spot to do a little outdoor yoga in my new dear kates, then grab some tea at my favourite tea shop for the ride home. please excuse my terrible form, i’m very new to the practice! 

TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_11TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_06 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_03 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_04

since i’ve started dipping my toes into the yoga pool, i’ve found it so freeing. something about pouring all your focus into breathing and your body’s strength makes me feel like i am capable of absolutely anything. learning how my body moves and constantly nurturing it’s flexibility and strength has been an amazing journey that i know i will continue to stick with.

the freeing feeling was intensely multiplied by the freedom of being in the mountains. the fresh air, the wind, the views, the sun peeking through the mountain tops – it was surreal and i loved every minute of it!

TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_07TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains-12 TaraVictoriaXDearKate-YogaInTheMountains_09

i’ve come to be a bit sentimental about these yoga pants for a few reasons. the first being that they have been with me since the very start of my recent decision to start living a healthy lifestyle. the second being that i would have been so scared to post pictures of me in yoga pants 6 months ago, but being on this journey and knowing the voice behind dear kate, has changed that for me. their complete acceptance of all body types and their constant encouragement to love yourself with confidence, gave me the confidence to feel good in these pants. i feel friggen awesome strutting these around knowing that the brand stands for something seriously amazing – it’s ridiculously empowering. add that in with the fact that these are the highest quality, best fitting yoga pants i’ve ever owned (no joke) and i couldn’t not share my love for them!!

though these photos are only a short time into my journey, i know that i’m taking steps to get there and loving myself is the first and most important step to take. so these pants have become a constant reminder of that – and i’m kind of obsessed with them!


do you guys have a favourite place to do yoga?? how bout a sentimental piece of clothing? i would love to hear!


get the look:
+ sweater from forever 21 (similar)
+ tank top from local shop (similar)
+ pants from dear kate
+ yoga mat from jogi by joe fresh (similar)


huge thank you to dear kate for providing the piece for this shoot. please note all opinions and thoughts are my own.