Moodboard: Fitness Connection


i’m in the process of finalizing this brand and kicking off the website design, but i was so excited about it i just had to share this moodbard with you guys. this is for a fitness blogger based out of new york city! she stumbled upon hatch & harbour on instagram and we instantly clicked! this lady has such a passion for fitness, has done some amazing marathons and has had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands.

when i dove into the client questionnaire with her, it became pretty apparent that the main themes in her brand were connection and exploration. she didn’t want to dip into the feminine side of fitness visuals because that didn’t accurately represent her audience, so i created a brand that was both soft/inviting and strong/powerful at the same time. the challenge was joining those contrasting concepts, but i’m pretty dang stoked on the final result and am excited to share it with you guys when we’re all done. for now you can check out some of the process shots on my dribbble. happy monday friends!

launched: christie’s gardens & greenhouses


oh my gosh you guys, i cannot tell you how excited i am to get to share this rebrand that my studio hatch & harbour did for christie’s gardens & greenhouses! christie’s gardens is a growing greenhouse and retail business that is open all year round (which is the coolest thing ever)!christie came to me a little while ago in need of a refresh for her existing brand that didn’t fit her new and improved business plan. you may have seen this moodboard a while back, to which we made a few changes to (see below) to better suite her brand and future business plans.


prior to diving in to the rebranding, i’d worked with christie on a few ads and small things here and there for her business. after having a few great chats about where she was wanting to take the business, i knew i had to be part of this project. christie’s passion is contagious and she was an absolute joy to work with. i enjoyed the creative freedom of this project so much!


the design process was really enjoyable for me. simplicity was the name of the game for this brand – i wanted to keep it very clean to create something that will remain timeless as the business continues to grow. i incorporated those illustrated conifer stems into the brand creative and in addition to the logo, we put together a mark for chrisitie’s blog: learn.plant.grow, that would be an extension of the brand. we printed her business cards on wood and i was super stoked at how they turned out and fit so perfectly with the branding! we’re currently in the process of tackling her site so stay tuned for that!


launched: the trifecta lifestyle


we’re wrapping up quite a few branding projects at my studio hatch & harbour, and i’m very much anticipating being able to share them with you all! today i am so stoked to be sharing the launch of the trifecta lifestyle, a holistic nutrition and lifestyle company that offers nutrition counselling, personal training, and home based fitness programs. i met theresa, the founder, a few months ago at a beachbody event and we got to talking about the importance of branding. funny enough after learning what i do, she brought in hatch & harbour to create a solid new brand for her from the ground up.


i had a ton of fun working on this project. lately the best part of building brands has been seeing a passion for what they do in the clients i get to work with. seeing theresa’s drive and determination not only for her company, but for helping others build a healthy lifestyle has been truly inspiring. i also found it so enjoyable to work with the message behind this business – balance – and turn it into a relatable concept for the brand. we’re currently working on building the website as well as some print materials, so stay tuned for those real soon!



news: branding workshop at circles


wow have i been a bit absent on here lately! things have been picking up quite a bit at my studio, hatch & harbour and this summer has been pretty action packed so far – which i’m loving. i’ve decided as things have progressed to blog as much as i can without straining myself too much, which i’m hoping is more frequently soon! i’ve got lots of cool branding projects wrapping up that i’m dying to share with you guys, so look out for that real soon!

i wanted to hop on here today to make a really special announcement that i’m absolutely elated about and can finally share with you all. this september, i’ve been asked to teach a workshop at circles conference!  i’ll be teaching a hands-on workshop all about the branding process. i’m really looking forward to this opportunity and i hope i get to see some of your smiling faces in sunny texas! for more details and to sign up for a workshop head here.

ps. i had so much fun making this graphic! i’ve been dying to create something with peonies as my obsession just keeps growing. *hint: wait till you see my new tattoo*

moodboard: gritty, vintage fitness


i’ve been wildly productive these past months since going full-time with my studio hatch & harbour.  i’m really looking forward to sharing lots of projects that are in the process of wrapping up, but in the meantime i thought i’d share a new moodboard for an upcoming project. i am really excited about working on this one as it’s all about fitness and healthy living which is something i’ve been growing more an more passionate about since this year started.

the inspiration for this one is old-school strongmen (and women) and vintage fitness gear. the brand is all about strength and grittiness with a welcoming vibe to invite anyone and everyone to get healthy! i’m so looking forward to sharing the final result with y’all! look out for more projects to come real soon : )

positivity y’all

PositiveVibesthese past few months have been immense in terms of personal growth. i have been doing a lot of daily personal development as well as taking the time to reflect on gratitude. though i’ve always been an optimist at heart, i have to say the biggest thing that i have learned in these past few months is the monumental power of positivity. i have seen it work first hand a boat load times and i am truly a believer. i really believe in the idea that we can manifest our own realities and i think that once we let go of limiting beliefs, such as: “i am never going to be able to get the job i want”, “i am never going to be pretty enough”, “i am never going to be able to loose 15 pounds”, and open ourselves up to the endless possibilities that are out there for us, we are capable of anything! A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! that’s why i think positivity is key to manifesting the life we dream of. i have been really focused lately on letting go of negative thoughts and energy and doing everything in my power to think positively and put out positive energy. i also believe that we get back what we put in – so we put out positive energy, we get back positivity.

maybe this sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to you, or maybe you’re sitting there reading this screaming DUDE YES! – either way, i wanted to share these things i’ve learnt in the spirit of sharing my journey. if you are interested in a good read on this subject i highly recommend the book you are a badass by jen sincero. no joke y’all it has literally changed my life.

the other day, i was feeling a little gloomy so i broke out a new lettering pen and pad i had bought a few days before and practiced lettering this phrase. just doing that was so therapeutic to help get me back in a good mood. i took out my favourite and stuck it to the wall above my computer so i am constantly looking at it and constantly reminded to stay positive. a few lovely folks on instagram mentioned they would like to do this too, so i thought i’d make a wallpaper and printable version for you all to enjoy too : )

how do you stay positive in tough times – i’d love to know? i hope this brightens your day and i hope you all have a stunningly wonderful weekend! i know i’m super excited for this weekend because we’ll be bringing home our new puppy and i’ll be planning my new tattoo while troy gets his first tattoo ever. happy friyay!


download here **for personal use only**
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