My name is Tara Victoria and I am a Alberta based Graphic Designer and Photographer. I graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design Degree, and shortly after I landed my first job in the industry. Today, I am the founder of my own design studio, Hatch & Harbour. Hatch & Harbour offers design and brand building for the day dreamers, the risk takers and the follow your heart-ers.

This space began out of a need for an outlet at a time where the job I was working was stifling my creativity, leaving me wanting a place where I could create recklessly, encouraging the growth and nourishment of my passions. When I hit publish on my first post back in 2012, I had absolutely no idea how much this space would come to mean to me, and how valuable it would grow to be to my journey as a creative entrepreneur. Tara Victoria blog has evolved into a place to share my experiences while growing as a creative, what inspires me most, collaborations involving this amazing community I feel insanely lucky to be a part of and all the work I produce along the way. It started from a really genuine, honest place and it will always remain that way, as I realize more and more the importance of sharing one’s story.

This blog may have started with little expectations, but as it continues to evolve and grow into something I never thought was possible, I strive to create a space where readers can come to feel inspired to share their own stories, chase their dreams and to see authenticity in a world that sometimes lacks it. My ultimate goal with this blog is to break down barriers and create community where everyone feels safe and encouraged to share, help and inspire each other. There are no limits to what technology can do for connection and I want to revive the idea that we are all in this together.