2 weeks 2 dare: 14 days of spin


fitness has become such an important part of my daily routine: a motivator, a way to clear my mind and even a source of creative stimulation. in the exploration of fitness, i’ve discovered the amazing benefits, not just physically, but mentally. after a workout i feel more alert, positive and often times inspired.

since the beginning of this journey, i have tried to remain pretty open-minded to trying new workouts as my confidence levels build. i’ve found that since opening up to trying classes, what really works great for me, personally, is having someone else tell me what do to rather than trying to come up with a workout myself. one of the first classes i tried last year was spin at a local studio that my friend teaches at called YYC cycle. by now, most of you have probably seen by my slew of instagram posts that i’ve become pretty obsessed! not only is atmosphere in the studio pretty rad, but the motivators that teach the classes are some of the most inspirational people i’ve ever met.


since recently opening up their 3rd studio in edmonton, one of the owners, my good friend Farha, approached me about partnering with them on a blog post. since these studios aren’t your typical spin studios so i wanted to do something different. that’s where the idea of 2 weeks 2 dare came about. i’m doing an experiment: i want to know what would happen physically and mentally if i did spin every day for 2 weeks. besides there being a physical transformation, i want to know what will happen mentally if i commit to being in that kind of motivating, community environment for 14 days straight. having a workout that you actually enjoy changes a lot in terms of having an incentive to actually do the workout. i want to know what will change if i commit to pushing myself in one of my favourite workouts everyday for 2 weeks. starting next week: monday february 29th, i’ll be kicking things off!

the rules are simple:

+  commit to 1 spin class everyday for 14 days straight
+  document my progress
+  adhere to a healthy nutrition plan for the duration of the challenge
+  drink a TON of water
+  smile a lot!

i’m going to be documenting my progress on social media so follow along with the hashtag #2weeks2dare, my instagram: @taravictorial, and my snapchat for daily updates: @taravictoria12. also, look out for a progress post on here halfway through and a final update at the end! and if you’re at yyc cycle anytime in the next 2 weeks come say hi! the wish me luck y’all!





*please note* this post is sponsored by YYC Cycle & YEG Cycle. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Huge thank you to Farha, Andrew, Warren & Grady for agreeing to let me take on this crazy experiment. You guys are the best!! 

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